Veri highlights the best combination of organic ingredients blended with pure sparkling water. Besides most colas today are no longer produced with spices, Veri also prides itself on using traditional flavors such organic caramel, giving Veri Cola it typical brown color. Veri Cola offers consumers an unconventional cola of exceptional quality without caffeine.

Our organic soda recipe

Suitable for vegan diet
Suitable for vegetarian diet
Suitable for Allergen-free diet
Suitable for Sodium-free diet
Suitable for Low-Glycemic diet
Suitable for Dairy-free diet
Suitable for Gluten-free Diet
Suitable for Egg-free Diet
Suitable for GM-free Diet
Suitable for Sesame-free Diet
Suitable for Wheat-free Diet
Suitable for Yeast-free Diet
* We only use organic and natural ingredients
Acesulfame *
Acesulfame Potassium *
Acetate Isobutyrate *
Ammonia Sulfite (Caramel Color) *
Aspartame *
Brominated Vegetable Oil *
Calcium Disodium EDTA *
Medium Chain Triglycerides *
(Synthetic) Caffeine *
Cochineal Extract *
GMO ingredients *
Irradiated Ingredients *
Herbicide Residues *
Lactic Acid *
Malic Acid *
Medium Chain Triglycerides *
Sorbic Acid *
Phosphoric Acid *
Tartaric Acid *
Pesticide Residues *
Phenylketonurics *
Potassium Benzoate *
Potassium Citrate *
Potassium Sorbate *
Preservatives *
Red #40 *
Sodium Benzoate *
Sodium Citrate *
Sodium Hexametaphosphate *
Sodium Saccharin *
Sucralose *
Valcorin *
Yellow #5 *

Veri Cola cocktails

Stirred, not shaken (there are bubbles in there!) Veri Organic Sodas steeped and distilled botanical extracts of cinnamon, nutmeg and coriander lend themselves perfectly to handcraft cocktails for your next celebration!

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